Ultrasonic inspection of hollow axles and shafts


  • Interchangeable immersion technike probes in rotating probe system
  • Non-contact inspection with oil as couplant
  • Diameter range: ≥ 25 mm
  • Easy adaption of probe system diameters
  • Feed unit with integrated cable and chain storage
  • Electric lifting system with remote control for attachning the feed unit
  • Fast and ergonomic setup


  • Space requirement of only 1 m
  • Inspection times per axis: 10 minutes
  • System availability: 97% (just 3% downtime for routine maintenance)
  • Detection of transverse, longitudinal as well as volume defects
  • Certified according to the regulations of German, Swiss, and British railroad operators


Inspection of axles in light maintenance

The axles of trains must be inspected regularly for signs of fatigue caused by dynamic loads and external influences using ultrasound. In light maintenance, this is done with the SHUTTLE system directly on the train from the longitudinal bore of the axle. This enables a reliable evaluation of the axle condition with minimum downtimes. The SHUTTLE system can be optimally adapted to the local conditions of the depot.

Technical data



Trolley dimensions
LxWxH in mm: min.: 1060 x 720 x 1210 / max. 1060 x 720 x 2008
Hardware PC for inspection with industrial screen and keyboard
UT electronics with position-dependent amplification
Software Convenient inspection software
Easy parameterization
Easy documentation of inspection results
Manual and mechanized inspection possible
Special analysis operation
PGC editor for setting up new axes
Optional storage of TD data for offline analysis
Couplant Integrated oil circuit, oil tank capacity 10L
Oil pressure adjustable
230 V UPS for chang of location without system shutdown (30 min)
Probes 4,5 MHz probes
Probe system for 30 mm bores: four probes (2×37° and 2×0,5°)
Probe system for 53 mm to 90 mm bores: eight probes (2×37°; 2×0,5°; 2×45° and 2×70°)
Adaption of probe system to other sizes possible
Rotation speed max. 90 rpm, feed per revolution 3-5 mm
Trigger distance 1°


  • Sofware and control

    • Customized software
    • Remote maintenance and calibration
    • Filtering of results to show just relevant indications
    • Intuitive operation
    • Intuitive Bedienung
    • Easy to understand, safe reports
  • Models and optional features


    • Maxi-SHUTTLE – for axle production and heavy maintenance
    • Multi-SHUTTLE – for maintenance of axles with inner diameters between 53 mm and 90 mm
    • Mini-SHUTTLE – for maintenance of axles with inner diameters of 25 mm or 30 mm

    Optional features

    • Self-propelled trolley with driven axle
    • Lifting platform
  • Acceptance, commissioning and training

    • Preliminary acceptance at Actemium NDS in Nuremberg
    • Commissioning on site in presence or as remote
    • Training program for trainers and operators
    • In-house trainings
    • Remote training with successfully used augmented reality tools (Team Viewer Pilot, etc.)

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