In times of globalization and climate protection, the relevance of rail transport in freight and passenger traffic is increasing. Higher speeds and the goal of high availability of rail vehicles require increasingly stringent requirements in order to meet the corresponding safety aspects.

Wheels and axles are already subject to stringent quality requirements during production. In the later life cycle of the axle or wheel, these must be regularly inspected during maintenance in order to e.g.. detect cracks in a very early stage, which may occur due to the dynamic stress on the components during operation.

Our testing technology is designed according to the respective defect types and the time of inspection, thus enabling the shortest possible cycle time. Depending on local conditions and the type of application, our products are available as stationary and mobile units.

In order to meet the special requirements of the metallurgical industry, our NDT specialists develop custom-fit solutions for a wide range of quality demands for rail, aerospace, wind power and marine applications.

Typical types of defects

  • Cracks
  • Material inclusions and flaws
  • Defects


  • Different manufacturing processes require different NDT techniques and procedures (forged, rolled, pre-machined or final machined)
  • Different geometries: Sheets, bars, rings or complex geometries

Actemium Inspection Systems

Shuttle testing equipment for hollow shafts:

  • Testing during production of hollow shafts for wheel sets (Mini/Maxi/Multi-SHUTTLE)
  • Maintenance and repair of hollow shafts (Multi-/Mini-SHUTTLE)

UFPE Light test equipment for railway wheel sets

  • Maintenance of wheels

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