Reliable inspection for the railroad industry

UFPE-Light NDT Wheelset Diagnostic System back


  • Inspection on installed wheels
  • Established inspection technique with 3 probes or customer-specific adaptation for higher POD requirements
  • Adaptation to new wheel types or inspection criteria possible
  • Customized software on request

Minimal Downtime

  • Inspection time per wheelset: less than 15 min
  • Very high availability (~97%) due to use of proven and reliable components
  • Easy and fast set-up of the inspection system by one person
  • Ergonomic design of the trolley and the inspection system

Technical data

sketch of wheelset inspection

  • Mobile ultrasonic inspection system
  • Transmit-receive inspection technique
  • Task-optimized probe arrangement for best possible coverage of highly stressed areas
  • Manufacturer certificate according to ISO 9001
  • Direct and self-sufficient coupling medium supply
  • Environment-friendly coupling with water
  • Uninterruptible power supply to save test results
  • Depth determination of defects in A-scan according to DGS method

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Maintenance of wheelsets

Due to the high dynamic load on the wheels of rail vehicles, they are periodically inspected with ultrasound within the scope of maintenance. In order to reduce downtime, the wheel rims can be inspected with the UFPE-Light in the installed condition.



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