Ultrasonic testing of discs and rings

Inspection task

  • Reliably inspects discs, rings and cylindrical components
  • Two turning devices with equal load capacity
  • Parallel inspection and loading enables increased throughput
  • Depending on the configuration, one or more turning devices/roller blocks to reduce set-up times


  • Flexible and reliable system for different sized components
  • No time-consuming turning of the workpieces necessary
  • Swivel axis enables ultrasonic testing of top and bottom side
  • Inspection of components on the outer surface (circumference) as well as from the bottom and top face

Technical Data

Actemium SIROMAN Disc and Ring Inspection System

ultrasonic inspection of steel ring siro-man

  • Pneumatically actuated inspection system (number of probes depending on requirements)
  • Phased array or conventional ultrasonic inspection technology
  • Camera system for monitoring the inspection

Inspection of rings and discs

  • Max. diameter: 6500 mm
  • Max. height: 150 mm to 2500 mm
  • Max. weight: 30 t


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Wind turbine NDT


Ultrasonic testing of bearing rings and gears for wind turbines

Due to the high requirements of bearings for wind turbines, the rings are inspected with a SIRO-MAN at various stages of production. In the event of a material defect, this makes it possible to derive the appropriate steps at a very early stage in the manufacturing process.

Other rings are further processed into gears after ultrasonic testing with the SIRO-MAN. The inspection prior to further processing of the rings makes it possible, for example, to set the milling contours in later production steps in such a way that the defect is no longer located in the component.

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