Smart Industry Days 2024

On Wednesday, April 11, 2024, the kickoff event of the Actemium Smart Industry Days 2024 took place at the Porsche factory in Leipzig. With every seat filled, the fully booked event revolved around nothing less than the future of the industry, accompanied by the rich sound of Porsches. After the welcome by the three Actemium Managing Directors André Rottstegge, Gerald Taraba, and Jens Roseneck, the invited guests looked forward to a variety of exciting presentations covering the spectrum of the Actemium world.

Kickoff in Leipzig

Future-oriented, practical, and captivating – whether it’s “AI – Playing to win,” “Marsshot,” or “Green Solutions for Sustainable Success,” there was something for everyone in this diverse mix of topics.

The panel talk titled “Global Competition, Energy Transition, and Sustainability – How We Perceive Change as an Opportunity” featured high-profile industry experts and provided great insights into various challenges, such as those faced by the chemical, paper, and energy processing industries. The highlight of the day was the total of 22 Actemium showcases, where colleagues from Actemium Business Units could present their innovative projects to interested customers.

From hydrogen, electromobility, innovative and sustainable filter technology for wastewater and exhaust air purification to digital switchgear documentation, digital tables, security training with VR glasses, energy distribution for buildings and data centers, and OT cybersecurity – the range of expertise at each booth is as diverse as Actemium itself. Also drawing attention was the graffiti-style designed energy container with plug & play connection for renewable energies, prominently displayed in front of the Porsche factory. The evening concluded with a small show act followed by a relaxed get-together with food and drinks.

Air Ultrasonic Showcase by Actemium NDS

Air ultrasonics are primarily used in non-destructive material testing, especially for composites such as CFRP or GFRP. These materials are commonly used in aerospace and automotive industries and require precise quality control to ensure their structural integrity. Other highly attenuating material compositions such as honeycombs, foams, ceramics, wood, and concrete can also be well tested with the relatively low frequencies. The advantage is that no liquid coupling medium is required, simplifying or even enabling the testing process.

In combination with robotics, even greater possibilities arise for testing complex geometries. Robots can be equipped with precise control and freedom of movement to place ultrasonic sensors at different angles and positions. This allows them to scan materials from various perspectives and gather detailed information about their structure and integrity.

By combining robotics, powerful ultrasonic hardware, and complex control, scanning, and evaluation software, materials can be tested with high accuracy and efficiency. The Actemium NDS Business Unit integrates these components into turnkey systems that can be tailored to specific customer applications.


Leipzig was only the first of three dates where our customers, as well as colleagues, could get to know the breadth of the Actemium world. We eagerly anticipate the next Smart Industry Days on April 16th in Offenbach and April 25th in Hamburg. More information about each showcase can be found here.