Recap WCNDT 2024

WCNDT 2024 – May 27 – 31, 2024 | Incheon, South Korea



We at Actemium NDS are thrilled to share our experience from the recent WCNDT. The event was a remarkable opportunity to meet and bring together everyone from the global NDT community, fostering new ideas and partnerships.
We were especially delighted to connect with our customer, Raynar, at the exhibition. Their outstanding Korean hospitality, impressive work ethics, and strong desire for innovation were truly inspiring.

At the event, we showcased our advanced railway testing products, designed to ensure the highest safety and reliability of wheel sets, including wheels, hollow axles, and solid axles. These products are crucial for maintaining the integrity and performance of railway systems.

The event was impeccably organized, with highlights such as the cultural night, traditional music, Taekwondo demonstrations, and delicious Korean food. We look forward to continuing the conversations and collaborations initiated at WCNDT!

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